This is studybuddy

Discover the different functions of studybuddy at a glance!

Individual, adaptive and instant feedbacks 

Studybuddy differs from a classic learning management system. It integrates a learning analytics system that records the learning behavior of students and translates these insights directly into individualized, adaptive and instant feedback. 


By using an automated feedback system, studybuddy interacts directly with you! 

Regulation Strategies 

As a student, you will be continuously suggested with suitable regulation strategies specially selected for you, to support you in your learning process.   


Digital Dashboard 

You can always monitor your learning progress on the digital dashboard and thus derive adjustments and measures for your further learning. 

Calendar Function  

With the help of the calendar function you can note down important appointments. You can also link the calendar with your personal calendar on your smartphone. This guarantees that you always have an overview of all appointments, which can help you to organize your learning process.  


In the Notes section, you can save important information via text entry. 

Strategy Collection 

On the internal website of studybuddy you can permanently access a strategy collection, where you are guaranteed to find more suitable tips for your learning.